In the museum’s exhibition area, you can get right up to close to around half of the 200 or so carriages of the collection. These are divided into the following sections:

History of the carriage

This is where visitors learn about the underlying history of the development of the carriage and carriage culture – from the invention of the wheel in around 3500 BC to the first motorised vehicles. The information is disseminated via posters, selected carriage examples, representative carriage parts (such as axles, wheels, suspension systems), as well as driving equipment.

Carriages in the town

This exhibition, which is designed as a reconstructed street and backyard environment, describes how transportation historically took place in the town. Here, you will find examples of elegant carriages, everyday carriages, and carriages for the transportation of both passengers and goods.

Carriages in the countryside

Out in the countryside, everyday life was very much dependent on the carriage of goods. Here, you can see some of the functions that the carriages served: sledges and sleighs for winter use, ambulances for medical transport, different types of hearses for the final journey, commercial carriages used for the sale or transportation of goods. Grand carriages and hunting carriages can also be seen in their rightful environment.

Carriage factories in Haderslev

In the late 19th and early 20th century, Haderslev was known as a place where high quality carriages were produced. This story is told in the “Carriage factories in Haderslev” exhibition, where you can see a reconstructed carriage factory, including the many small niches required to build a complete carriage.


Our active museum workshop is always open to visitors. Every Wednesday and on special occasions, the workshop is manned by craftsmen from “Friends of the Schleswig Carriage Collection”, who restore, repair and reconstruct old carriages. The work is carried out using traditional craft techniques and original materials are used.

Bookseller Johannes Christian Nielsen

This exhibition deals with the creator of the carriage collection. You find out who he was, where he came from and how he came upon the idea to start the Schleswig Carriage Collection.