Welcome to History Haderslev

History Haderslev brings together contemporary history and cultural heritage in Haderslev Municipality,
and includes the Historical Archives and the three museums: the Schleswig Carriage Collection, the Ehlers Collection and von Oberberg’s House.

Velkommen til Historie Haderslev!

Historie Haderslev samler nyere tids historie og kulturarv i Haderslev Kommune, og omfatter Historisk Arkiv og de tre museer:
Slesvigske Vognsamling, Ehlers Samlingen og von Oberbergs Hus.

The Schleswig

Carriage Collection

The Schleswig Carriage Collection is a museum located in Haderslev. The museum and its historical workshop house one of Northern Europe’s largest collections of historical..

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The Ehlers


The Ehlers Collection (Ehlers Samlingen) is Northern Europe’s largest collection of earthenware. The collection, which comes from all over Denmark and Northern Germany…

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Oberberg’s House

Von Oberberg’s House tells the story of one of Haderslev’s oldest preserved buildings and its architect. The museum also contains two smaller exhibitions about Haderslev’s history…

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The Historical


The Historical Archives of Haderslev Municipality are local archives that work for the preservation and dissemination of local history in Haderslev, and also perform municipal…

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History Haderslev

History Haderslev is Haderslev’s new cultural organisation, composed of three museums and an archive. History Haderslev has something for everyone: exhibitions, lectures, family activities, children’s events and much more besides. History Haderslev covers art history, transport history, building history and Haderslev’s local history and town history.

1. The Schleswig Carriage Collection

The Schleswig Carriage Collection is home to almost 200 carriages that illustrate the evolution of transport history in Denmark and the duchies, as well as the many different trades involved in carriage building. A wide range of carriages are now exhibited in the premises of the Schleswig Carriage Collection, and in the workshop, you can follow the process of building a carriage. Discover the unique museum and learn more about everyday life in the days of the horse and carriage.

2. The Ehlers Collection

The Ehlers Collection is the Nordic region’s only museum specialising in earthenware, ceramic art and historical objects spanning a broad historical period. See old earthenware, the works of famous ceramicists and unique historical objects. Follow the development of earthenware over a couple of centuries and experience the encounter between modern-day and history, reflected in both the museum’s exhibitions and in the historic building.

3. Von Oberberg’s House

Von Oberberg’s House is a lovely old building from 1580. The museum recounts the history of the house and the story of the owner, the famous architect Hercules von Oberberg. Von Oberberg’s other buildings include Hansborg Castle, the castle chapel at Sønderborg Castle and the giant tower at Koldinghus. A special attraction in the house is the remains of a rare mural from c. 1680, depicting ancient heroes on horseback.

4. The Historical Archives

The Historical Archives deal with the history of Haderslev in the form of records, photos, film, audio and other media. We receive materials from the municipality, companies and local residents, and pass on the information by means of books, exhibitions, lectures and quizzes, etc. The Archives write anniversary books for companies and hold lectures on the history of the town. The Historical Archives also work with the local archives in Haderslev Municipality.